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Following My Thumb

Gabriel Morris Adventure Travel/Budget Travel

“Following My Thumb” by Gabriel Morris

Click below to order a copy of Following My Thumb: A Decade of Unabashed Wanderlust, currently on sale!
Following My Thumb

The Table of Contents for Following My Thumb: A Decade of Unabashed Wanderlust

Foreword…The beginnings of a hitchhiker

PART 1: Europe, 1990

Chapter 1. When in doubt, act like you know what you’re doing
Chapter 2. Loch Ness, and other mysteries
Chapter 3. Those beautiful Swedish women
Chapter 4. Uniting body and mind
Chapter 5. Sleep under the bridge, not on it

PART 2: Alaska, 1991-1992

Chapter 6. Hitchhiking may be hazardous to your sanity
Chapter 7. To travel is to be mystified
Chapter 8. The idiot’s guide to Denali

PART 3: Western U.S., 1996

Chapter 9. Always double-check the directions
Chapter 10. The continuing quest for a good night’s sleep
Chapter 11. Love between hitchhikers
Chapter 12. An adventure in peaceful protest

PART 4: Hawaii, 1997-1998

Chapter 13. Small world
Chapter 14. Sweating it out
Chapter 15. Adversity builds character—and hopefully wisdom
Chapter 16. Close call
Chapter 17. When dealing with the authorities, try to keep your clothes on

PART 5: India, 1999-2000

Chapter 18. A rupee is only worth a rupee
Chapter 19. Hold onto your chai
Chapter 20. Get good directions on the way to the rainbow
Chapter 21. A fahking adventure
Chapter 22. Always double-check the return policy
Chapter 23. Don’t fool around with the locals’ women
Chapter 24. Immersed in the crowd
Chapter 25. Watch and listen

Afterward…Another decade of wanderlust


Click below to order a copy of Following My Thumb: A Decade of Unabashed Wanderlust, currently on sale!
Following My Thumb
Some excerpts from the book…

Santorini, Greece at the age of 18, with a young woman from Sweden:

“As my beer buzz thickened and reality began to seep slowly into my tired, travel-worn mind, I found myself drifting into one of those peculiar states of being in which you start to feel as if you’re looking out at a panoramic movie screen before you, rather than actually living the scene around you. The woman sitting before me was a vision of beauty, as if she’d just stepped out of a fantasy film in which she reigned over a kingdom of unicorns and fairies. She had long, wavy, sandy-blond hair, a soft, vibrant face with deep, thoughtful brown eyes and was wearing tight shorts over a faded red swimsuit that concealed firm and ample breasts. She was strong, independent and intelligent, yet totally feminine and endlessly alluring. She was pretty much everything I desired in my wildest of romantic juvenile dreams. I’m sure that she would have made an excellent queen of the fairies. I just wasn’t certain in that moment that I was prepared to be her knight in shining armor, should that be her expectation. Come to think of it, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d ended up sitting there with her at all.”

Washington State, USA, working with a rag-tag group of older men in a mullein field:

“After dinner and washing a few dishes, we all hung around the campfire for a while, playing guitar, singing songs and telling manly stories, regaling exaggerated tales of sex, drugs and various feats of idiocy. Pretty soon my exhaustion, and annoyance, took over. I trudged off to my tent to crash and rest up for another sweaty day.”


Paris, France, sleeping at the Place de la Concorde roundabout:

“I lay there on my back wide-eyed for a good long while, nerves frayed from an overabundance of caffeine and another experience of strangeness, peering up at the clear night sky and the faintly twinkling stars, contemplating the odd behavior of humans, listening to the cars going around and around and around me.”


Sedona, Arizona, describing the leader of a strange New Age cult:

“I discovered that some of the leader’s many outrageous claims about himself and his cult were: that he considered his group to embody the highest spiritual truth on the planet (hey, that’s a new one); himself to be a reincarnation of the apostle Paul (perhaps so—but I’m not washing that one down with Kool-Aid); that he was the doorway to the fourth dimension (come on, everyone knows it was the Beatles); that the energy vortexes around Sedona were of his own making (how old was this guy—4.6 billion years?); and that crop circles were his creations from past life-times (let me guess—and he also built the Sphinx single-handedly?). As my old college physics teacher would have put it, this guy had an ego roughly the size of the observable universe.”


Delhi, India, driving from the airport into the city:

“The traffic became extremely congested as we neared the main part of the city. And yet there were no dividing lines on the pavement to separate the five or six lanes of traffic. Puttering old mopeds zipped between the cars carrying entire families of four or five. Young children wove through the cluttered lines of traffic at intersections, begging at the stopped cars—including a girl, perhaps eight or nine, who came to our vehicle in a stained white dress with a dirty face, stringy dark hair and sparkling, vibrant, haunting brown eyes. The driver ignored her as if she were a ghost. When she came around to my side of the car I just smiled and waved a little, feeling a mix of guilt, compassion and the overarching exhaustion that left me unable to react to much of anything right then. I considered reaching into my pocket and sifting through my wad of cash to hand her something. But before that could happen we were on our way again, weaving through the turbulent maelstrom of a still-developing civilization.”,



Following My Thumb: A Decade of Unabashed Wanderlust is available as both a paperback (which can be shipped worldwide) and as an e-book.

Click below to order a copy of Following My Thumb: A Decade of Unabashed Wanderlust, currently on sale!
Following My Thumb

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